Here are some randoms from around the cafe!

Soup Testing
Bev meticulously tests each soup to ensure that it has just the right flavor and texture!
Josh and Leah
Josh and his sister Leah hanging out and getting along for 5 seconds! Just kidding, they get along just fine, most of the time!
Sandwich on grill
This is our nifty sandwich grill where all the grilled sandwiches get their finishing touches!
Armed and Dangerous
At the Red Barn Cafe, we like to have fun! Don't worry, she was just taking these to the sink!
Sibling Rivalry
Whenever siblings work together, there's bound to be sibling rivalry! At the end of the day, the love is still there!
Sourdough Dough
This is the sourdough bread dough rising.
Josh the man!
Josh bringing in some supplies.
Cookie Jars
These cookie jars are always stocked with fresh homemade cookies!
Cookie Dough
This is the dough for our delicious chocolate chip cookies!
Leah Sugaring Pastries
Here Leah is topping the lemon bars with some powdered sugar before cutting them into squares for customers!
Hard at work!
Here's the ladies hard at work in the kitchen!
Red Barn Kitchen
Here you see a view of the Red Barn Cafe's kitchen, where the magic happens!
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