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The Barn Cafe Staff


Meet the people that make the magic happen at The Barn Cafe!

Josh and Chelsea Savage, Owners


When you visit the café, one of the first things you're likely to notice is the upbeat, friendly and warm demeanor. That is because Josh and Chelsea are friendly and warm people themselves, and their personality has been infused into every part of the structure of the café. It simply would not be what it is without their incredible attitudes and honorable character. 

Josh and Chelsea were married in September 2015 and worked hard to develop the perfect plan for opening the café. Although it took a few years, they were able to find the perfect location and carry out their plans. 

With love at the center of all they do, Josh and Chelsea are strong believers in family and faith. In addition to overseeing the café, they are busy caring for and raising their two young children, who are the loves of their lives. 



Bev, also known as "Mom" to so many, is Josh's mom, as well as Christina's mom. Bev has been one of the biggest inspirations behind the cafe. In 1994, she operated a home bakery, then known as Beverly's Bakery. 

In 1995, the bakery closed due to limited space, but the seed had been sown.


Now 20+ years later, Bev is back in the kitchen - this time as a part time kitchen manager. Bev has a heart of gold and the work ethic of a superwoman, and we are very blessed to have her on board! Bev is a loving mom and grandmother (yes, really!) and when she is not at the cafe, she enjoys a quiet life in Weathersfield, VT with her husband, Rick and their adorable Border Collie, Finnley. 




Christina is Bev's oldest daughter and also Josh's older sister - but only by 13 months. If you see them standing next to each other, they easily pass as twins - and many have asked if they are twins! Christina started as a floater, but quickly progressed to being the primary dessert and quiche baker. 


She prides herself on creating the best quality baked goods Claremont has to offer. From cakes and cupcakes to pies and quiches, she puts love into everything she does. When she's not working, she enjoys photography and playing piano, and is most definitely a crazy cat woman and a chocoholic to the max! She has been married to her husband, Ken for 13 years, and they live in Springfield, VT with their 4 cats - Skittles, Max, Lynnie, and Little One.


You won’t see Ken as much as his wife – mainly Saturdays and the occasional early morning, but he focuses on keeping things running smoothly. Perhaps he baked your muffin, made the pancake batter, or simply took your order after washing tables. At the very least, he brewed your Saturday morning coffee!


During the week, he works as the owner and operator of Computers By Ken in Springfield, VT, where he builds, repairs, and maintains computers for local residents and businesses. 


The family atmosphere of the café is a lovely contrast to his regular work of fixing computers and he wishes he could be around more.



Mikaela is our amazing kitchen manager and is behind the scenes of the delicious sandwiches, soups, and salads that our customers get to enjoy. Her positive attitude, warm smile, and great work ethic make her an excellent employee - and all around a great person. When she's not building a sandwich or salad, she is busy baking pastries or prepping for the next rush. 

While not at work, she enjoys a quiet life with her adorable dog, Cocoa. 



Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. What can we say about Maggie? With her energetic personality, dynamic sense of humor and selfless dedication to her job, Maggie is an entertaining and amazing part of our behind-the-scenes crew. Whether she's refilling coffees, doing dishes, cleaning, running orders out to customers, answering the phone, or making us all laugh, she's always doing something and it's always with her whole heart. 


When she's not working for us, she keeps herself busy as a caretaker, among other things, and she shares her life with her wonderful husband, Brian. On a side note, Brian has come in and helped rig up some shelves and other things to help our organizational efforts in the kitchen. We are so grateful for them!

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